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What is Sci-Arc?

What is Sci-Arc? What is it for? Does their experimental approach have any practical implications to the real (built) world?

In what other type of environment would risk and failure be pursued as a necessary product to success? We have been building for centuries. It’s not that hard. Sciarc’s goal is not to ignore the realities of the built environment, but to challenge them. To push them forward. Building is something that you learn through process. What makes Sci-Arc different is its focus on innovation and creativity.

Learning how to see.

Why does their work look like Gehry-esque projects? It’s too unrealistic. Too futuristic, too expensive, and therefore unbuildable? That’s what they said about Tesla Motors. Elon Musk’s company isn’t the first to build an electric car, yet it is now leading the change in landscape for how we think about the production of future vehicles.

Academic Institutions, especially Sci-Arc, are a place to test, to explore, to venture out into the unknown. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Your diploma will come with the skill to:

Learn how to see, different. Learn how to think, different. Learn how to challenge, different. Learn how to create, different. Learn how to communicate, different. Learn how to learn, different.

Besides my response, what have you heard about Sci-Arc?

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