The objective of this studio is to respond to the deep, and controversial, history of New Orleans. The site is located on
Lee Circle, an important historical site that, until recently, featured a monument to a confederate leader. The recent
decision to remove the statues across New Orleans is an attempt to forget the past, but supporters of the statues argue
that they represent an important part of the state’s identity and culture- yet in a city of 60 percent African American, the
empty pedestal is a daily reminder of the dark past. These empty venues have become the gathering place for people
that support the statue removal, and those who oppose them. The challenge for the studio is to develop a project that can
create a new sense of community through architecture.


Rebecca A

Patricia C.

Alistair E.

Kristin E.

Stephanie G.

Shambil K.

Carly K.

Camila L.

Alekzander R.

Jose R.

Savannah W.