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“I’m interested in an architecture of disruption - an architecture replacing the convenience of the familiar with the unexpected.”

HD Designlab is a platform for research focused on breaking any established boundaries within architecture and design. Using contemporary design strategies and techniques, innovations can challenge our assumptions, provoke exploration to re-evaluate relationships within space, time, and culture.

Henry obtained a Master of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles where he worked with distinguished professors Hernan Diaz Alonso, Neil Denari, Tom Wiscombe, Dwayne Oyler, and other architectural thought leaders. 

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HD Designlab is a platform for research focused on breaking any established boundaries within architecture and design.  Henry’s passion in architecture stem from his desire to make a visible and lasting contribution to culture by challenging assumptions, provoking people to evaluate and refine their relationship with space, time, and culture.

He finds inspiration from the mantra, “There’s no such thing as new, only innovation” and focuses his work on reimagining and repurposing familiar elements to create novel and personal experiences through physical spaces.

Henry’s unique undergraduate background in psychology enables him to incorporate how individuals may think, behave, and interact with his projects; in every design, he actively attempts to challenge perceptions, “perceptions so obvious, we are blinded by their familiarity.”

Henry obtained a Master of Architecture (M.Arch 1) degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), where he worked under distinguished professors Hernan Diaz Alonso, Neil DenariTom Wiscombe, Dwayne Oyler, and other architectural thought leaders. 

Henry is currently project manager working with Sulkin Studio, where he is designing a residence situated on the hillsides of Silverlake . The design was inspired by four individual volumes organized around a central core, each quadrant framing specific views of the Silverlake Reservoir as well as Downtown Los Angeles skyline. Prior to Sulkin, Henry worked as a Project designer at Xefirotarch, where he consulted on various projects for clients in the airline and hospitality industries. One such project included creating a showroom space for a Boeing facility, for which he was charged to create a dynamic, but also controlled, experience for executives of Boeing.

Henry spends his time outside of the studio exploring media such as photography and 3D prototyping, where he hones in on new ways to express and materialize ideas. He shares his creativity and passion for design with friends and family (who love bringing him along on trips as the designated photographer, and enjoy receiving his unique 3D gifts). Through photography, as in academic architecture, Henry takes joy in playing with composition, proportions, and storytelling, to create new experiences that can only happen in augmented reality, sometimes teasing with his strange sensibility to embrace his subjects’ unique qualities.

When he is not expressing his creative side, you can often find Henry trying (very) hard to surf, and hiking through different parts of SoCal with his dog, Bandit.


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